Tyger – Drama filled film shot with SIGMA Classic Cine lenses

Cinematographer Ariel Artur has solely used the SIGMA Cine Classic lenses on the upcoming feature film Tyger directed by Alexander Milo Bischof, as they add texture and artistic lens flare to each scene. Tyger is currently being shown at film festivals and will have a full release in 2024! Watch the gripping trailer and teaser […]

“73 Cows” with the SIGMA | Art lenses by Oliver Walton, of Fix 8 Films

Cinematographer Oliver Walton share his thoughts on why he used SIGMA lenses on this BAFTA award winning short, 73 Cows. When prepping for the 73 cows documentary, we knew we didn’t have any outside resource to hire expensive cine lenses. So the decision we made was to use my existing lenses which include the SIGMA […]