Build a custom CINE prime kit

Discount of up to 12% is available when ordering SIGMA cine lenses as a custom kit. Please note that all of the lenses must be from the same range, and have the same mount and markings for the discount to apply. For example, it is not possible to mix and match regular and classic primes, or lenses with different mounts. All focal lengths must be different. The discount available is as follows:

3-4 lenses

5% discount

5-6 lenses

7% discount

7-9 lenses

10% discount

10+ lenses

12% discount


Select cine prime range

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Select lens mount


Select distance markings


Select marking type


Select lenses

A minimum of three lenses must be selected to create a flexible prime kit. A maximum of one of each focal length can be selected in a flexible kit.

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