UD-01 USB Lens Dock

UD-01 USB Lens Dock


Connect compatible SIGMA Contemporary, Art and Sports* lenses onto the UD-01 USB Dock to update the lens firmware, adjust focus position and even tailor the OS function on compatible lenses. Simply connect a lens to a computer via the USB Dock, open the free SIGMA Optimization Pro software and get customising.

*DSLR lenses only. Not compatible with L-Mount, Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF or FUJIFILM X Mount lenses.

Update and Customise /

Lens Firmware Updates
Connect a compatible lens to update its firmware. Updates can include new features, compatibility updates and more.

Focus Settings
Choose between multiple focus setting options to fine-tune your SIGMA lens.

Full Time MF Setting
Adjust how much rotation of the focus ring is required to operate the Full-time MF function on compatible lenses. 

AF Function Button
Select between AF-ON and AFL settings. 

Additional features for SIGMA Sports lenses /

AF Speed Adjustment
Select between three distinct auto focus speed settings depending on your shooting style. The Fast AF Priority mode can be used when rapid focus is required. The lens prioritises hitting the focus point at quickly as possible.

Smooth AF Priority can be used when the placement of the focus point needs to be considered. This mode uses smooth focus transitions between AF points and is ideal for still life, portraits and video.

Standard AF can be use to set the lens back to its default settings and is a mix between Fast and Smooth focusing modes.

Focus Limiter Adjustment
Customise the effective autofocus rage on lenses that feature a custom mode switch. This effectively limits the lens to focus only within the set range, which increases AF speed and reduces lens hunting. Ideal for wildlife photography, plane spotting and sports where subjects are a set distance away.

OS Setting
Choose between three modes that change how the optical stabilisation is shown through the viewfinder. Dynamic View for a smooth effect which is best for considered compositions, Moderate View for a realistic style suited to fast moving subjects and Standard Mode that provides a balanced mix of the other two modes.

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Note: Adjustment options shown will vary depending on the lens used.

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