Protector Filter

Protector Filter


Regular protection filter designed for daily use. Protects the font lens optic from dirt, dust and scratches.

For everyday use /

Protect your lens from unwanted dust, dirt and scratches with the SIGMA Protector Filter. The filter has been designed for everyday use and is completely colourless, so it does not affect colour reproduction.

Ultra Low-reflection /

To ensure high-performance, every Protector Filter incorporates SIGMA’s Super Multi-Layer Coating that effectively reduces flare and ghosting. The black rimmed glass further increases performances by elimination unnecessary internal reflections.

SIGMA’s Super Multi-Layer Coating suppresses flare and ghosting by minimising reflections within the lens. All lenses in the current Sigma range feature this technology. On digital cameras, flare and ghosting may also be caused by reflections between the image sensor and lens surfaces. Here too, the coating is highly effective, ensuring images with outstanding contrast.

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Compatible with all SIGMA lenses /

SIGMA has checked the compatibility of all SIGMA filters with all SIGMA lenses and has confirmed that Protector Filters allow light to pass through evenly throughout the image, from the centre to the edges. All SIGMA lenses are checked with SIGMA’s proprietary Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) measuring system (A1) using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors, and all SIGMA filters are manufactured to meet this same high standards.

Reliable filter storage /

The included storage case is made of a special acrylic that is both stronger and more flexible than conventional filter storage case materials. The outer acrylic case is specially moulded to make it durable to impacts, while the elastomer holder keeps the filter securely in place. It has also been designed to not open and close unintentionally when being transported.

Compatible accessories /

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