Two new I series lenses announced!


SIGMA has today announced two brand new full-frame I series lenses: a 24mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary and a 90mm 2.8 DG DN | Contemporary, both available for L-Mount and Sony E-mount systems. This brings the total number of I series lenses, which offer fantastic optical performance, a compact body and outstanding build quality, to six, so there’s plenty of choice for mirrorless users in the market for a portable set-up.

SIGMA’s current I series line-up


24mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary

The 24mm F2 DG DN weighs in at just 365g and is only 72mm in length, making it exceptionally light and compact for an F2 wide-angle lens. The build is all-metal, including the petal-style lens hood, focus ring and aperture ring, and there are two lens caps included: a regular plastic cap and a magnetic metal cap. Image quality is stunning owing to its advanced optical design that includes 2 SLD elements, 1 FLD element and 2 aspherical elements.

SIGMA’s I series line-up already has a 24mm lens in it’s I series line-up, which us smaller and lighter, but has a smaller maximum aperture of F3.5. This new 24mm will appeal to those who need either a very shallow depth-of-field and/or those who shoot hand-held in low light, and the existing model might be better suited for those who need extreme portability. A comparison of the two lenses is below.



The lens is able to produce ultra-high quality, high-contrast, punchy results and is perfect for landscapes, wide-angle portraits, events, travel and street photography.


90mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary

The all-new 90mm F2.8 DG DN is incredibly small and light, weighing in at 295g and measuring less an 60mm in length. Despite this it’s beautifully build with an all-metal body, including metal hood, focus ring and aperture ring, and there’s a plastic and magnetic metal lens cap included.

The lens has five SLD elements, one of which is aspherical, ensuring stunning image quality, with very little flare, ghosting, distortion or chromatic aberration. Optical performance is excellent right the edges of the frame at all apertures.

The lens displays smooth and attractive bokeh that doesn’t distract from the in-focus subject and colours are rich and punchy. This makes the lens ideal for portraits on a full-frame camera, or as a longer landscape lens for isolating a tighter detail of a scene. It’s also ideal for use shooting weddings and events.



Both lenses will be £549.99 and available from 24 September 2021.