SIGMA sd Quattro firmware download

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The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce that new firmware for the SIGMA sd Quattro is available for download.

Benefits of the firmware update;

SIGMA sd Quattro [ver. 1.04]
It is possible to save images in DNG format (RAW 12bit)
It is compatible with the Live View Display of Sigma Capture Pro
It is compatible with the SFD mode of Sigma Capture Pro
It offers faster AF speed of lenses from the Contemporary, Art and Sports lines by about 10 – 30%, and has improved the AF accuracy as well.
When used with the SIGMA ELECTRONIC FLASH EF-630 for SIGMA, it has improved the color rendering of the White Balance’s Flash mode in (it requires the latest firmware for the EF-630 for SIGMA as well).
It has corrected the phenomenon that the AF Shooting button did not work while the camera was using AF Lock.
It has corrected the phenomenon that adjustments on the marked images could occasionally freeze the software when the card has an X3I file in it.
It has improved the general operation of the software to achieve better stability.

In accordance with this firmware update, the information is also added to the instruction manual.
Please refer to it from the following link:

* The latest version of SIGMA Photo Pro is required to process the RAW data (X3F and X3I files) taken by the sd Quattro with firmware version 1.02 or later.

Please download the firmware from the following Download page:

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