Sigma SA-5 AutofocusSLR
Introduced April 1997


Sigma has launched a new top of the range AF SLR – the SA-5.

This latest 35mm SLR has a cross-type autofocus sensor which provides fast and accurate auto focusing in most situations.

Sigma claim that improved algorithms built in to the SA-5 shorten the time lapse between pressing the shutter button, focusing the lens and actually releasing the shutter.

The two earlier Sigma SLRs, the SA-300 and SA-300N, received universal acclaim from the photographic press for the wealth of features from which they both benefited. It was a commonly held belief that no other SLR in the price bracket offered such specifications. The three AF systems, three metering modes (average, partial and eight segment matrix), six exposure settings, and a manual focus override are once again key features in the SA-5. Whilst auto bracketing, exposure compensation, DX coding, a shutter speed range of 30 seconds to 1/4000th second, built-in flash, delayed action, optional remote controller, and auto load, wind-on and wind back are common to all three models. The SA-5 now boasts a multiple exposure setting which will allow nine images per frame. As before, the Mirror up lock and depth of field preview button make the camera a serious choice for knowledgeable photographers who know just how essential these features can be. Sadly few modern cameras now include these useful additions.

The SA-5 is available in Sigma’s now famous matt black Zen finish or in a very attractive champagne (TS) finish. Sigma’s 28-80mm and 28-200mm lenses are available in champagne livery with the 100-300mm lens due at a later date. All SA-5 SLRs come with a quartz data back as standard. The suggested retail price of the SA-5 is £390.00, body only.

The SA-5 CIW 28-70 F2.8-4 retails for £499.95 whilst the SA-5 CIW 28-80mm F3.5-5.6 has a price of £449.95 and with the 24-70mm F3.5-5.6 at a SRP of £519.95.

Sigma’s premier position in the lens market enables them to offer some amazing introductory offers:
1) SA-5 complete with 28-200mm F3.8-5.6 Asphericallens and RS-21 Remote controller and gadget bag for £499.95. The value for money is outstanding when the price of the 28-200mm and RS-21 is considered (£269.95 and 27.95 respectively).
2) The SA-5 complete with 28-105mm F4-5.6 and 100-300mm F4.5-6.7 UC and gadget bag for £589.95. The lens combination alone has a suggested retail price of £400 !

1) TYPE of camera
2) Usable film 3) Picture Size 4) Lens Mount 5) Usable lenses

1) AF System 2) Focus Mode
3) AF working range 4) AF Auxiliary Light

1) Type 2) Focusing screen
3) Dioptor 4) Field of View 5) Magnification 6) Viewfinder
: 35mm focal-plane shutter SLR cameras with TTL Auto Focus, Auto exposure, built in Electronic flash, and Data back
: J135 DX type
: 24 x 36mm
: Sigma SA Mount
: Sigma SA Mount Lens
: TTL Phase detection system
: AF-P Automatically selection system
: AF-S Single shot focus priority for stationary subject
: AF-C Continues shot with focus prediction for moving subject
: MF Manual Focusing
: EV-1 —EV 18
: Automatically prOjected when necessary : -13.2ft (1m –4m)
: Eye level fixed penta mirror with condenser lens
: Fixed, laser-matte screen with focus frame, spot metering mark and panorama frame : -1dpt (eyepoint 17mm) : 90% both vertical and horizontal : O.72x (with 50mm lens at infinity) : Displayed at the bottom of the finder indication by LCD and LED a) Shutter speed b) Aperture c) Manual exposure level d) Exposure compensation mark e) Auto bracket mark f) Flash ready indication
6) Focus information h) AE lock indicator
7) Mirror :Quick-return half -mirror

1) Light Metering
2) Exposure mode
3) Metering Range 4) Film Speed setting range
5) Compensation 6) Auto bracket
7) AE Lock 8) Multiple

1) Type 2) Shutter Speed
3) Self-timer

1) Film loading 2) Film wind 3) winding mode
4) Film rewind

1) Battery 2) Battery check

1) External Flash 2) Back Cover 3) Remote Control 4) Mirror up : TTL Multi 8 Segment metering : Spot metering and average metering can be set

Auto shift programmed AE with Auto shift function

Shutter speed priority AE

Aperture priority AE

M Manual setting

* Full Auto program AE : EV -1 -+20 (with 50mm F1.4 lens) : ISO 25 to 5000 with OX code film : ISO 6 to 6400 with non-OX coded film
both can be set in 1/3 stop increments : +/-2 EV in each 1/2 stop increments : +/-2 EV in each 1/2 stop increments : Three consecutive shots are taken in sequence : by pressing the Button : by setting mode dial to ME, Select exposure the desired exposure
number between 2E to 9E displayed on the LCD Panel
: All speed electrically controlled vertical -run focal-plane shutter
: 1/4000 -30 sec stepless in auto mode
: 1/400 -30 sec in 1/2 stop increments in manual setting mode
: Bulb shutter setting
: X-sync is from 30 seconds to 1/125 sec from 30 seconds to 1/4000 sec FP-mode with EF430 super : Electronically controlled type 10-second delay time
: Automatically loads and advances to first frame
: Automatic advance by built-in motor
: Single frame and continuous mode. Approx 3 frames/sec (continuous mode)
: Auto rewinding starts at end of the film by built-in motor Mid-roll rewind is possible
: One, 6v lithium battery, Type 2CR5 : Indicator on the LCD panel
: Hot Shoe with Sigma dedicated contacts : Fixed type with data back module : By optional remote controller RS-21 : Possible

5) Preview : by pressing the Depth-of-field preview button 6) LCD illumination : for about 6 seconds after pressing the illumination button

1)WxHxD : 5.8in x 3.7in x 2.6in
147.1 x 94.9 x 65.4 (mm) 2) Weight : 15.7 ounce (445 g) (without battery)