SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3 software download

Thank you for your patronage to SIGMA products.

The SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce that SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3 for Windows and SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3 for Macintosh are available for download.

For customers who use SIGMA dp Quattro series, SIGMA SD and DP series cameras.

Benefits of the latest SIGMA Photo Pro software:

For Windows and Macintosh

It corrects the phenomenon of the Contrast slider and the Shadow slider on the Adjustment pallet not operating properly when the Color Mode of RAW data (X3F file) taken with dp Quattro series are set to “Portrait”.
It corrects the phenomenon of black dot-like noise appearing in rare cases on developed RAW data (X3F file) when taken with dp Quattro cameras that are updated with the firmware (SIGMA dp0 Quattro (Ver.1.01), SIGMA dp1 Quattro(Ver.1.04), SIGMA dp2 Quattro (Ver.1.08), SIGMA dp3 Quattro (Ver.1.03)) released on February 19th, 2016, and also on JPEG and TIFF data which are developed and saved by SIGMA Photo Pro and are displayed on the Review Window.

SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3 for Windows and Macintosh are available to download at the following site.

SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.3 Download page

We appreciate your continued support for our company and products.