Sigma Li-Ion Battery & Charger kit
CR-V3/BP-11 for SD9 and SD10
Announced 25th May 2004


for SD9 and SD10 Digital SLR cameras.

Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the D00006 Battery Charger SD kit that consists of two rechargeable CR-V3 type Lithium-Ion batteries BP-11 and a charger BC-11. CR-V3 type Li-ion Rechargeable battery BP-11 is exclusive to the SD9 and SD10 digital SLR cameras.

It takes about 120-minutes to fully charge a battery with the dedicated Battery Charger BC-11. This Sigma Battery Charger SD will be sold as a kit that consists of a charger (BC-11), and two pieces of Lithium-Ion batteries (BP-11).


Li-Ion Battery BP-11 (CR-V3)
Cell Type Lithium-Ion Cell
Cell Capacity 1160mAh
Voltage 3V
Charging Time 2 Hours
Charger BC-11
Input DC 12v 500mA
Output Li-Ion 4.5V 600mA
AC Adapter 100-240V 50/60Hz – 12v 500mA