Sigma DP1x Foveon APS-C Compact
Launched February 2010


Sigma DP1x 
Compact digital camera with TRUE II image processing engine

  • 14 megapixel Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor
  • TRUE II Image Processing Engine
  • 16.6mm F4 lens designed exclusively for the DP1 series
  • Exclusive Sigma Photo Pro Software
  • RAW and JPEG format recording

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new Sigma DP1x compact digital camera, incorporating the TRUE II image processing engine, as used in the Sigma DP2 and SD15 digital SLR.

In March 2008, Sigma introduced a high-end compact digital camera with the concept of “A new compact digital camera featuring the same technology as an SLR”. The DP1 featured the same large image sensor as Sigma’s digital SLR cameras.

The DP1 has established a strong following from a wide range of photographers, both amateur and professional. The Sigma DP2 was then launched in April 2009. After the launch of the DP2 camera, users could continue to enjoy the image quality of the DP1 for wide focal length photography and also take advantage of the DP2’s standard focal length.

This new DP1x includes the TRUE II image processing engine, improving the image-processing time, as well as a new AF algorithm, providing high speed auto focusing. In addition, the user interface has been unified with the DP2 series by changing the Set Up Menu and adopting the QS (Quick Set) button. This provides photographers easier operation of the camera controls when the DP1x is used with the DP2 series.