SIGMA dp Quattro series firmware download

The SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce that firmware updates for the dp Quattro series cameras (SIGMA dp0 Quattro, SIGMA dp1 Quattro, SIGMA dp2 Quattro, SIGMA dp3 Quattro) are available for download.

This firmware update will change the algorithm to improve accuracy of white balance and color reproduction. By updating the firmware, color reproduction will be enhanced in JPEG image, RAW data processed and saved as JPEG images inside the camera as well as RAW images processed in SIGMA Photo Pro.

Benefits of the firmware update:

SIGMA dp0 Quattro (Ver.1.01), SIGMA dp1 Quattro (Ver.1.04), SIGMA dp2 Quattro (Ver.1.08), SIGMA dp3 Quattro (Ver.1.03)

It improves accuracy of white balance.
It improves color reproduction.

Please click here to see the difference of color reproduction between the latest firmware and the conventional firmware.

Notice: RAW data (X3F files) taken with the dp Quattro series cameras after the firmware update has been installed cannot be processed in software prior to SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.2. Please use the latest SIGMA Photo Pro 6.3.2 to process for the latest RAW data.


The firmware is available for download at the following site.

For SIGMA dp0 Quattro cameras.

For SIGMA dp1 Quattro cameras.

For SIGMA dp2 Quattro cameras.

For SIGMA dp3 Quattro cameras.

We appreciate your continued support for our company and products.