Sigma 600mm F8 Mirror
Launched March 5, 1979

A style of lens rarely considered today, the mirror lens used technology more commonly found in telescopes. Compact, but with image quality that digital photographers would baulk at (the reflective nature of the sensors makes mirror lenses almost unusuable), the 500-800mm range was packed with choices in the late ’70s to mid ’90s, with varying prices, capabilities and qualities. Sigma’s 600mm is an early and well regarded model, and just look at the dimensions compared to a 600mm lens today!

New Sigma 600mm Æ’8 Mirror Lens

Sigma Corporation of Tokyo has introduced a very compacr catadioptric type 600mm Æ’8 Mirror lens. An attractive feature of this high magnification lens is its remarkably compact design. This telephoto lens has a diameter of 89mm, a length of only 110mm and a weight of only 650 grams. Another attractive feature is its close-focusing capabilities. The lens focuses all the way down to 2 meters from the film plane for reproduction of one third life size. The lens incorporates a rear filter holder in which 22.5mm filters can be inserted. Because the lens is so compact and light weight, hand held photography is possible. In addition, for those occasions when the photographer wishes to use a tripod, a sturdy tripod socket is built on.

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Lens Construction 6 Elements in 6 Groups, Catadioptric
Focal Length 600mm
Maximum Aperture Æ’8
Minimum Aperture Æ’8 (fixed aperture)
Field of View
Minimum Focus Distance 2m
Maximum Magnification 1:3
Filter Size 22.5mm (rear)
Diameter 89mm
Length 110mm
Weight 650g
SRP at launch: TBA MF
Available Mounts: Various MF