Express your creativity with the SIGMA Cine FF Classic Prime Line lenses

Express your creativity with the SIGMA Cine FF Classic Prime Line lenses

Sigma Cine FF Classic Prime Lenses

SIGMA FF Classic Prime Lenses

SIGMA CINE Classic Prime Line lenses are now available for individual purchase!

Expertly crafted to the same high-quality standards as the SIGMA CINE Prime Line lenses, the FF Classic Prime Line incorporates non-coated optical elements that produce artistic lens flare and a low contrast look, resulting in distinctive characteristics that brings a classic lens look to your content creation. Shoot stunning 8K video on large format sensors and though the use of special coatings on the glass elements, the T values remain consistent throughout the range, whilst Cooke /i Technology ensures compatibility with the latest tech in the cinematography world.

New for 2023

SIGMA 65mm T2.5 FF Classic Prime Line Lens 

The recently announced SIGMA 65mm T2.5 FF Classic Prime is part of the now 11 strong range of cinema ready lenses, offering a unique focal length that is ideal for but not limited to, tight close-up shots with beautiful bokeh and artistic compression of background elements. Available to purchase from early January.

Designed for high-profile film and TV productions

SIGMA fp & CINE 35mm T2.5 Classic

SIGMA Cine FF Classic Prime Line lenses have been used for a whole host of big-budget productions, including the recent Netflix original drama series “Halston” starring Ewan McGregor.

The FF Classic Prime Line  “played a major role in this series, both aesthetically and on a practical level, thanks to the beautiful flare that the lenses’ unique coating produced.” Read more over on the SIGMA Corporation of America’s Blog for a behind the scenes look at the creation of Netflix’s – Halston.

Professional director and videographer Stuart Graham has exclusively used the SIGMA Classic Prime Line lenses in his most recent project for French fruit company Ravifruit. The video expertly demonstrates the benefits of the SIGMA CINE Classic Prime lenses, showcasing the artistic lens flare, warm tones and smooth dreamy bokeh, helping convey the company’s sustainability values.

SIGMA MC-31 Converter

All SIGMA Classic Prime Line lenses are available in PL Mount (/i Technology compatible) and with the SIGMA MC-31 Adapter, can be attached for use on L-Mount mirrorless cameras such as the SIGMA fp and SIGMA fp L, increasing the possibilities of video creation, custom rigs and more.

SIGMA MC-31 Adapter
Sigma fp, Cine Lens and SIGMA MC-31 Adaptor setup

SIGMA Cine lenses are designed with a whole host of beneficial features for videographers, including the options for fully luminous markings and between imperial/metric scales amongst countless others. Click the link to the SIGMA Global website to find out more.