Firmware update for the SIGMA fp Ver2.02


Thank you for purchasing and using our products.
We would like to announce that a new firmware update for the SIGMA fp is now available.

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[Benefits of the update]

・Corrected the bug* related to Compressed RAW over HDMI recording with Atomos NINJA V monitor-recorder.
*ISO metadata reported in Final Cut Pro X may occasionally be incorrect if using 1/3 EV ISO adjustments on the camera.
Note: Requires the firmware of NINJA V to be Ver.10.53 or later.

・Corrected the bug related to the electronic image stabilization system in CINE mode*
*Video footage appears distorted in the following conditions.
Stopping the video recording using the shutter button when the electronic image stabilization system is turned “ON” and the shutter button function is set to “REC” in CINE mode.

To update the firmware, please refer to the following link;

* To develop raw data (DNG files) from the SIGMA fp with firmware Ver. 2.00 or later, the use of SIGMA Photo Pro 6.7.4 is required. Users need to update to SIGMA Photo Pro 6.7.4 when applying the fp ver.2.01 firmware update.

【SIGMA Photo Pro download page】