Are the SIGMA cine zoom lenses parfocal?

In general, a perfectly parfocal lens production is nearly impossible. SIGMA goes through great lengths to reduce focus shift throughout the zoom range. However, as is the case with most cine zoom lenses, the SIGMA cine zooms are nearly parfocal.

How do SIGMA CINE LENS and still lenses differ?

Our cine lenses feature a completely updated mechanical system. We have also given them a choice range of functions to optimize them for modern cinematography. Further, each of our cine lenses features dust- and -splash-proof construction and larger angles of rotation for the iris, focus, and zoom rings.

What makes the SIGMA CINE LENS superior?

SIGMA cine lenses have the resolving power needed to make them fully ready for 6-8K shooting, as well as a design that minimizes ghosting and flare. The lineup also includes models that offer full-frame image sensor coverage. SIGMA cine lenses combine outstanding image quality and compactness in a way.