There’s a reason why SIGMA continues to insist on the very highest quality in its product manufacturing: our love of photography is second to none. We deeply appreciate the photographer’s desire to record and express—the passion of the photographer

We understand the need to capture the moment that gives rise to a unique work of art. Our endless passion for photography spurs us on to the kind of technical innovation that raises picture quality and performance, and it keeps us looking for new ways to facilitate artistic expression.

A production system that delivers greater design freedom and higher product quality

At SIGMA, problems to be solved and improvements to be made in each manufacturing process are shared and discussed in our on-site decision-making system. This well-established and self-sustaining communication framework enables feedback to be passed up and down the production chain. Being a relatively small company, SIGMA applies strengths of flexibility and speed in manufacturing products of high quality and high added value. Amassing and sharing expertise in this way on a daily basis also enables us to maintain a positive feedback loop that promotes innovative product design, production efficiency, and productivity

At our Aizu factory, integrated production embraces everything from molds to parts

SIGMA’s ability to coordinate things smoothly on the spot is largely thanks to our unique, vertically integrated production system. Apart from a handful of processes, everything is done in house. This includes grinding lenses, moulding plastic parts, painting, mounting substrates, assembly, manufacturing screws and other parts, and machining moulds. All our interchangeable lenses, cameras and strobes are also produced at our Aizu factory with this integrated system. With production lines that can be flexibly realigned according to a meticulous production plan and easily accommodate high-mix small-lot production, the manufacturing that takes place at Aizu is SIGMA’s greatest asset.

SIGMA: a significant market presence with a social conscience

The history of our Aizu factory, our sole production base, is also the history of SIGMA itself. From the moment we first conceived the idea of setting up a factory in Aizu, we have aimed to grow and develop as a member of the local community. We believe that when a company sets up a business base, it has an economic and cultural responsibility to the local community from that time onward. The global market may be the principal focus of our business, but our attention to responsibility begins at home.


Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sigma Corporation of Japan and is based in Welwyn Garden City where our sales, marketing and administration team is located alongside our warehouse and distribution operation. The same premises house our Service Department, manned by Sigma-trained technicians, which offers technical support and repair facilities to our customers.

Sigma Imaging (UK) Limited is a company registered in England and with company no. 4114616. VAT No.765707108

Contact SIGMA UK

General Enquiries and Product Information:
Telephone: 01707 329999

SIGMA Imaging (UK) Ltd
1 Little Mundells
Welwyn Garden City

VAT Number: 765707108


For details on how to return a product for repair or servicing, please see the Returns page.

Technical Enquiries and Service Support:

Please see our FAQ and troubleshooting pages as most questions can be answered here. If your question is not answered on these pages, please contact the Service department using the details below:
Telephone: 01707 329999

Sigma and the Environment

Societies impact on the environment is an ever-growing concern and one which Sigma takes very seriously.

Our strict control programme over product design and manufacturing mean that all Sigma products are fully RoHS compliant, minimising the harmful effect that manufacturing may have on the environment.

With the implementation of the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive and our continued environmentally aware product design and manufacturing programme, we can minimise any negative effect on the environment for our future.

WEEE Directive

The European Union’s ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive aims to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. It also aims to ensure that recovered WEEE is treated to appropriate standards and targets.

The WEEE directive has begun its implementation in the EU member states as of August 2005. The directive aims to recover 4kg of separately collected WEEE per head of the population.

Products that fall within the scope of WEEE display this symbol, either on the
product itself or on the outer packaging. At the end of its life, the product should be sent out to a designated collection facility or returned to the retailer when a similar, new product is purchased. Due to the potentially hazardous substances which may be found in electrical equipment, improper handling of this type of waste could have a negative effect on the environment and human health. Therefore, your cooperation in helping correctly dispose of such products will contribute to the environment and help reduce the unnecessary usage of natural resources.

Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd’s Producer Registration Number is WEE/KA0070TY

Local Collection/Refuse Centres

A number of Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs) are being established throughout the UK due to the implementation of the WEEE directive. These facilities allow consumers of dispose of their waste electrical items where they will be correctly treated and recycled. For details of DCF’s in your area, visit the website

The closest DCF to Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd is:

Cole Green HWRC
Along A414 Bypass
Cole Green
SG14 2NL

In addition to items under the WEEE regulations, this DCF also takes Car Batteries, Garden Waste, Glass Bottles/Jars (Mixed), Car Oil, Aerosols, Mixed Metal Food & Drink Cans, Mixed Scrap Metal, Mixed Paper (including Newspapers, Junk mail, Magazines), Fridges & Freezers.

If you are a business user and have a Sigma product which you no longer require and would like it collected for recycling, please click here for full instructions. Please be aware that only items sold after 13th August 2005 are included as WEEE and therefore any items sold before this date should be disposed of in the usual responsible manner.

Environment FAQs

No. Lenses are not covered under the WEEE directive so there is no obligation to recycle it. Therefore it should be disposed of in the normal responsible manner.
No. Sigma UK do not collect or dispose of equipment directly, this is done through a separate company. Please visit for full details on returning a Sigma product.

Useful Links

For general information about recycling, both on a local and national level, visit the Recycle More website. This website also gives full details of Designated Collection Facilities in your area.

This website offers a quick and easy way to find recycling centres in your area.

The Environment Agency provide information on the enforcement of the WEEE Regulations for England and Wales. This website offers further reading regarding recycling, the environment the WEEE directive.

Business users wishing to return Sigma waste electrical items under the WEEE directive should visit the Budget Pack website which gives full instructions on how to do so.

Anti-Slavery and Human
Trafficking Policy

SIGMA Imaging (UK) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SIGMA Corporation of Japan. We are based in the UK and import and distribute photo/imaging equipment to customers based solely in the UK. We also offer repair and servicing facilities to the same geographical area.

We do not source raw materials or manufacture in the UK. Our supply chain is very direct and simple as we obtain all our products, as finished goods, from our parent company in Japan. SIGMA Imaging (UK) Ltd. and our parent company share the same commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships. SIGMA’s philosophy is to demonstrate both an economic and cultural responsibility to the communities we serve and consideration for the environment.

Our employees are aware of the evils of slavery and human trafficking and of the company’s attitude of zero tolerance. We expect the same high values from our suppliers and contractors. Our commitment to human rights and supply chain accountability will enable consumers to enjoy greater confidence in the SIGMA goods and services they choose.

Kazuto Yamaki
Chief Executive Officer
SIGMA Imaging (UK) Ltd. / SIGMA Corporation